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Help for members during disasters

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If there’s anything life teaches us, it’s that it is completely unpredictable. In the face of that uncertainty, it’s important to know that you can rely on the help of others when something goes wrong.

In 2017, more than 8,000 Foresters members were able to rely on our Emergency Assistance Program to help them recover and rebuild after wildfires and hurricanes devastated cities and towns all across North America.

Our Emergency Assistance grants provide short term, temporary financial aid to members affected by significant personal hardships, natural disasters or large-scale emergencies. A glance at the map highlighting the disasters that happened in 2017 shows just how needed these grants were.

To be able to support our members during times of struggle and uncertainty helps to ensure their well-being and resilience, and that in turn strengthens the communities where they live.

$3.1 million in Emergency Assistance went to Foresters members in 2017.
$2.9 million in Emergency Assistance went to members affected by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.
8,179 Foresters members across North America were given Emergency Assistance in 2017.

“Being an
advocate and
guide for
members is
a big part of
the rewards
of my job”

Diana M., Customer Service Representative

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Diana Mac has been working at Foresters for over 9 years. In her role, she helps members understand their benefits and products. Last year 832,000 inbound calls were received from our U.S./Canadian members and agents. Diana takes pride in being able to provide help to members, give options and inform them of all the benefits they have access to. In 2017, natural disasters prompted members to reach out to Foresters to access Emergency Assistance grants.

Diana was on the frontline answering calls and providing support. She says “Members think it’s great that we provide this type of benefit, they didn’t expect this support from an insurance company and they get to learn about other benefits as a result of calling.” This year Diana is looking forward to providing even more customer-focused and innovative service for our members.

At Foresters, members enjoy a range of unique benefits including Emergency Assistance that provide short-term, temporary financial aid for members who are affected by significant personal hardship or natural disaster. Click here to learn how Foresters help members achieve their financial goals while making a difference in the community.

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