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“Foresters Community Grants means that all we need to give is our time”

Vicky S., Foresters member



Vicky Stubbins began volunteering with Foresters in the U.K. the summer after her family lost their 10-year old son, Rohan, to a rare genetic illness. With a new understanding of how difficult the grieving process can be, Vicky decided to give back to her local community by organizing a community volunteer activity in support of young carers and bereaved children’s groups in three local schools. With the help of other eager Foresters members, they created Christmas care packages. Providing care packages to bereaved children in need was rewarding, and Vicky felt humbled to be able to give back to her community in honor of her son. “The bags didn’t just provide the children with support,” she said. “They also helped the adults in their lives, because the bags were designed to allow children to undertake activities that they could do either alone or with an adult.”

Vicky had hosted previous volunteer activities and was already familiar with the satisfaction that making a difference through volunteerism brings. “We can’t necessarily afford to fund these activities from our own pockets,” she said, pointing out that Foresters community volunteer grants make that part of the process possible. “What we can do is spare some time.” The joy the care packages brought was felt by teachers, children, parents and others in Vicky’s community. It was an incredible opportunity to meet bereaved children’s needs and raise awareness that local schools are strengthened through community volunteerism.

Simple acts of caring inspired Vicky to organize hands-on opportunities that allowed her and fellow Foresters families to do more together for the well-being of their community.

At Foresters, members enjoy a range of unique benefits including the opportunity to give back through community initiatives. Click here to learn how Foresters help members achieve their financial goals while making a difference in the community.

Foresters Community Grants Program

Across three countries, Foresters members have built stronger communities through their passion for giving back. The Foresters Community Grants Program gave over $4.4 million, to support members making a difference in their local communities through volunteerism.

Members identified areas in need of assistance in communities, developed plans to help and applied for a community grant to support their volunteer efforts. From creating care packages, to beautifying their local community, to helping out with a hot meal or school breakfast, members spent quality time together and had fun, while creating positive change through local community projects.

Community activities to inspire

Members can use their passion for giving back to create, organize and apply for a Foresters Community Grant based on their area of interest to support local
organizations and improve the well-being of communities. There are several activity types to choose from:

Care Pack Community Icon Create and Construct Meal help Icon Volunteer Support Fun Family Icon

67,691 members and their guests attended 1,753 fun family and volunteer activities.
36,594 volunteer hours were donated by members through Foresters Community Grants in 2017.
700+ local community organizations were supported by members donating time and effort through Granting activities.

Playground builds with KaBOOM!

Did you know that you could help build a playground and create a safe place for kids and families to enjoy? This year marks the 150th playground built by Foresters which has invested funds to create safe play spaces for children in local communities across Canada and the U.S. Join other Foresters members and make a difference at a playground build.

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