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Messages From the Top
Peggy Affolter, Western U.S. Region
Kathleen Dionne, Canada Region
Lois Elkins, Canada Region
Diane Jones, Canada Region
Richard Hennick, U.S. Central Region
Julie Morrow, Western U.S. Region
Kenneth Oldfield, U.K. Region
Brian Sharp, U.K. Region
Betty Shoe, Central U.S. Region
Lewis Smith Jr., Eastern U.S. Region
Wanda Stranahan, Eastern U.S. Region
Charles Weber, Western U.S. Region
Tom Wright, Canada Region

My wife Wanda and I became Foresters Financial members in 1984. From the beginning, this organization strongly encouraged us to become more involved. Wanda and I jumped in with both feet and embraced Foresters Purpose to enrich the lives of our members, their families and the communities in which they live. For 34 years Foresters has been a large part of our family life with both children being members from birth.

I began a new chapter in my journey with Foresters by being elected International Fraternal President in 2017. During the past few months, I’ve thought long and hard about our Purpose and what Foresters means to our members.

Since 1874 Foresters has embraced its Purpose, working to make a difference by engaging our members in their local communities. We continue this much-needed work today, with members volunteering thousands of hours each year to improve people’s lives. Our members are genuinely moved to action.

Having our Purpose at the core of everything that we do will continue to sustain us well into the future. I want to thank my family, friends, employees, the Board and Richard Hennick, Foresters International Fraternal Vice President for their continued support, and most of all, I want to thank you the members for being a part of this incredible organization.

Chris Stranahan, International Fraternal President

Since joining Foresters, I’ve learned much about our rich history, our members’ commitment, and our Purpose. Foresters is uniquely positioned because of our Purpose.

Our ability to impact families in times of need and our commitment to people and their communities are as important as the products we sell. Many organizations have an emerging focus on social responsibility. Foresters has been living this Purpose for more than 140 years. It’s a large part of what attracted me to this remarkable organization, and I know it’s a driving force in the satisfaction you receive from being members.

Collectively we must continue focusing on our business success to ensure we are able to fulfill our Purpose long into the future. I’m committed to making Foresters be as great as it can possibly be so that we can continue to deliver on our Purpose, allowing our members to thrive and prosper long into the future.

Jim Boyle, President and Chief Executive Officer


Foresters has always been focused on helping our members thrive. It’s part of our DNA. From our earliest days providing life insurance and orphan benefits, to today helping ensure families' financial security and retirement plans, we have been there.

There are two complementary aspects to Foresters. On the one hand, we strive to support our members as they create initiatives to make their communities better and stronger. On the other hand, we must maintain strong and growing businesses whose profits will fund future member and community activities.

I can assure you that Foresters will continue to work with our over two million members to achieve positive impacts. Moreover, we will focus on making the business side prosper, so we can continue to support our members’ efforts to make a difference in their local communities.

Bob Lamoureux, Chair of the Board

Description of member benefits that you may receive assumes you are a Foresters Financial member. Foresters Financial member benefits are non-contractual, subject to benefit specific eligibility requirements, definitions and limitations and may be changed or cancelled without notice.
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